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For many years, nuclear physicist, Bob Gentry, studied the mystery of the existence of radioactive Plutonium halos in rocks.  There is no conventional scientific way to account for the presence of halos from Polonium 214 and Polonium 218 in rocks because the half-life of these elements is only 164 microseconds for Polonium 214 and the just three minutes for Polonium 218.

To find radiohalos, as they are called, in granite caused by such short-lived radioactive isotopes was an utter scientific paradox because radiohalos can form only in solid rock and most of the granite encasing the Polonium was what evolutionists call Precambrian, which they say took millions of years to cool from its molten state.

For thirteen years with the help of government grants, Bob Gentry, conducted exhaustive research at government facilities [Oak Ridge National Laboratories] with the most sophisticated equipment looking for a conventional scientific explanation for the existence of these radiohalos.  After thirteen years of scientific investigation and observation, he was forced to suggest that the only possible explanation for the existence of these halos in the rocks was a supernatural creation.

His findings have shaken the foundations of radioactive dating and radiochemistry and not one scientist has come forward to contradict his evidence;  yet it seems the Theory of Evolution is so extolled, revered, and idolized, that shortly after his suggestions of a supernatural creation as the only possible explanation for the halos, Bob Genty's research contract was terminated with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, professional scientific journals refused to publish any more of his articles, and the 'Christian' college that had recruited him for his outstanding research quietly let him go.  Without academic affiliation he was no longer eligible for research grants, and no laboratory would open their facilities to him; the evolutionary scientific community had flexed its muscle and Bob Gentry had been evicted for lack of support.

There was, however, at least, one in that community, Edward Anders, an internationally known geochemist, who was willing to concede:  "His conclusions are startling and shake the very foundations of radiochemistry and geochemistry.  Yet, he has been so meticulous in his experimental work, and so restrained in his interpretations, that most people take his work seriously....".  It seems most people take his work seriously, they just want him to be silent and not talk about it.

Consider the evidence found that men and dinosaurs walked the earth at the same time. Paleontologist, Dr. Carl Baugh has found in Texas almost sixty well formed human footprints in the same strata of rock right alongside several dinosaur footprints!  To add to this mystery for evolutionists, some of the male human footprints were 22 inches long!  Other male footprints were 'only' 16 inches long, but there were female footprints that were 14 inches long!  Consider the Scriptural record:  There were giants in the earth in those days. Genesis 6:4. As a footnote to this it might be mentioned that Dr. Baugh was once a staunch evolutionist who started out intending to disprove the creation record in Scripture; now, because of his findings, he has become a firm believer in God, the Creator, and in His Word.

Because of evolutionary speculations on the age of our solar system, hundreds of NASA engineers and scientists on the Apollo moon project calculated there would be 54 to 900 feet of loosely consolidated dust on the surface of the moon.  That was the reason they outfitted the lunar lander with those huge pods and the lunar rover with those big balloon tires.  How much dust did the first man on the moon find?  He found an average of less than one half inch of dust overall.  What were Neil Armstrong's next words after he said "One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind!"?  He spoke two words that totally destroyed the THEORY of evolution if you look at it scientifically, academically, and faithfully:  he said, "IT'S SOLID!!!"  If one looks at that record faithfully, much of that "giant leap for mankind" was in proving evolutionary THEORY false and God's Word true.

The most serious error that all evolutionary minded people make in accepting dates derived from Carbon-14 dating and from the half-lives of Uranium isotopes, including U-238, is the PRESUMPTION that the Theory of Uniformitarianism, the foundation on which both systems of dating rise and fall, is rock solid.  However, a basic, open-minded study of that foundational theory shows that foundation to be about as solid as Jell-O.

The definition of Uniformitarianism is "The THEORY that all geological phenomena may be explained as the result of existing forces having operated uniformly from the origin of the earth to the present time." ~~ The American Heritage Dictionary.  The most important question is:  Does the EVIDENCE support this THEORY?

Carbon-14 dating of fossils is based on the amount of C-14 found in that fossil, the more C-14 found in a fossil, the younger it is supposed to be; if very little C-14 is found, then it is supposed to be very old.  It's as simple as that.  The problem is, however, it is ASSUMED by Carbon-14 daters that the C-12/C-14 ratio in the atmosphere reached a steady state millions of years ago; in other words they ASSUME the amount of C-14 being produced in the atmosphere has been the same as the amount of C-14 decaying or leaving the atmosphere for millions of years, therefore the amount of C-14 in the atmosphere is ASSUMED to have been a constant amount for millions of years.

Unfortunately, for evolutionary-minded people, there is not one shred of EVIDENCE to support that ASSUMPTION; the only way to prove that the C-12/C-14 ratio has been the same for millions of years as it is today is to test something living today that is known to be millions of years old [such as a tree with a million tree rings], but we know there's nothing living today even remotely approaching such ages.

Evolutionary scientists have calculated that it would take 30,000 years from the beginning of the earth to reach a steady state or constant amount of C-14 in the atmosphere.  Measurements taken recently by nuclear chemists Fairhall and Young suggest that the amount of C-14 being produced in the atmosphere is as much as 50 per cent out of balance.  By these measurements we would have to conclude according to evolutionists' very own calculations that the earth is much less than 30,000 years old since the C-14 in the atmosphere has not yet built up to that steady state.

Perhaps, these are just a few of the reasons that the late Stephen Jay Gould, for many years America's foremost evolutionist, always refused to debate any creation scientists.

...God created the heaven
and the earth."Genesis 1:1.


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